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The lost Van Halen video for jump

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NIN 2008 Tour Line up and FREE EP.

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The official line up has been announced for the 2008 NIN tour:

Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, Josh Freese and Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

Some members have been dismissed and a familiar face has returned…..welcome back Robin.

Another free download from trent:

“Meanwhile, I assume some of you may not be entirely familiar with the acts I’ve chosen to join us on various legs of this tour, so we’ve compiled a sampler EP for you.” – Trent Reznor

Head to and get to downloading!

Bill O’ Reilly – best spoofs and remixes

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As if the video of O’reilly showing his true colors wasn’t funny enough…..

More video fun

Basement Tapes – Now available at Itunes !

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Sik Sydney - Basement Tapes

purchase at Itunes

The Basement Tapes

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The Basement Tapes are comin ……..collection of recordings I made in between recording Liquid Sex Decay  Tracks.  Themes center around fun topics of Christian Propaganda, Junkies, Serial Killers.  In the words of Aerosmith, most of the songs let the music do the talking without vocals.  Enjoy.

thought for the day….

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You can give a person intelligence but you can’t force him to think.

Ace Frehley is back

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Ace Frehley In Make Up On Dunkin Doughnuts Commerical (2007)

Album on Itunes and Rhapsody

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The long out of print debut album of Liquid Sex Decay has been re released via Itunes and Rhapsody….so go get it and slap on the headphones….enjoy your own horror movie soundtrack with a dance beat 😛

Liquid Sex Decay - Liquid Sex Decay

The Mos

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I’m really not much of a Morrisey fan but it seems that everytime he is in my area on tour I end up there.  The band always sounds great and for an ole catty queen his voice is still top notch.