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Get it …cause it’s free and rockin

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Eric Powell has decided to post 16volt’s back catalog for FREE! I highly recommend ” SCN 2.0″ and “LetDownCrush” but hell it’s free so grab it all and decide for yourself.

Please donate at the paypal link on the page if you enjoy the music as this stuff wasn't recorded for free ….or at least pass the link onto 10 people you know to spread the word.

Flaming Lips bang a gong

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wayne of the flaming lips bangs a gong

wayne of the flaming lips bangs a gong

The flaming lips are a band not to be missed. They always put on a great show and wayne coyne plays the ringleader part better then anyone.

Marilyn Manson new song …

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Manson has released his first song , “We’re From America” via his website. Given this is the album to mark the return of Twiggy to the group as a member and major songwriter, much hype has been generated of returning to the old sound of Marilyn Manson and of course being the best Manson album ever?

So did they deliver?

Gidget Gein – dead from overdose

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The former bass player of Marilyn Manson was found dead on October 9, 2008 from a drug overdose. Read more about the original bass player for Manson here:

gidget gein found dead

gidget gein found dead

Robert Smith and The CURE disintegrate.

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The new CURE album is due out at the end of this month. Judging by the song “Underneath the Stars” from the upcoming album, 4:13, they have conjured up the muse from the Disintegration days.

Return of Alice Cooper and Slash

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Just in time for Halloween,  the great Alice Cooper is back to his ole self.  Who could  ask for more?

Special thanks to Piggy D and the crew for making the video:


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In honor of witnessing TRICKY live the other night.

Evolution Revolution

NIN – tour 2008

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I must admit even though I’m not a big fan of the songs on the latest album, I can’t help but get excited about his new live line-up after watching viewing the rehearsals.

rehearsal  video


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