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Return of Alice Cooper and Slash

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Just in time for Halloween,  the great Alice Cooper is back to his ole self.  Who could  ask for more?

Special thanks to Piggy D and the crew for making the video:

Basement Tapes – Now available at Itunes !

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Sik Sydney - Basement Tapes

purchase at Itunes

flirt with the muse

Posted in entertainment, music, recording industry on April 17, 2007 by siksydney

I’ve been getting settled into a new place which seems like a never ending saga but patience is paying off. The place is starting to project a minimal Asian feel that i’ve wanted for ages.

My computer/recording set up is almost complete and I actually started noodling around a bit last nite and hours had gone by before I realized. A music piece started taking shape from a previous idea and took on a whole new direction…when this happens I’ve learned not to fight it and just let it happen.

What I had originally envisioned as a driving dance track suddenly morphed into an very minimal ambient piece with piano melodies ala George Winston of whom I’ve listened to for many years so this comes as no surprise…just don’t sue me George.

today’s fortune

Posted in entertainment, failure, ken andrews, music, on, recording industry, year of the rabbit on March 1, 2007 by siksydney

“you’re not a failure because you don’t make it, your a success because you tried.”

I think that only applies to the special olympics but speaking of Failure (one of my fav bands), Ken Andrews solo album is now out. I’ve been a big fan of all his projects: Failure , Year of the Rabbit, the Replicants and On. All are worthy of several listens.

what to do in Denver?

Posted in entertainment, music, recording industry on February 19, 2007 by siksydney

It appears my ipod is off to continue its life in Denver. Congratulations to the winner of the auction and look for more interesting goodies to be posted soon.

Dick in a box…

Posted in 1980s, entertainment, music, recording industry, saturday night live on December 27, 2006 by siksydney

it’s what every lady wants for the holiday season.

Voodoo you…

Posted in Blogroll, music, recording industry, voodoo, Voodoo Dancing on November 5, 2006 by siksydney

The festival was a good time and it was great to see people from years past once again. The vibe in New Orleans is a little strange these days but some elements prevail as there are things you will see and experience there that you wouldn’t anywhere else. There is still a thriving creative and art scene in New Orleans same goes for crime.

Voodoo FestivalThe Flaming Lips really stole the show at the festival. I’ve seen them before in a club atmosphere but never in a festival venue. I honestly couldn’t imagine them sounding or looking any better then they did. I was on the verge of tears because it was so perfect.

What can go wrong will….

and karma will provide the solution. It became almost comical the number of things that seemed to go wrong the day before the eyelash carpets performance.

1. The power supply for the powerbook that is the backbone of the live sequences died. The apple store no longer existed in New Orleans and after several phone calls realized that no one had that power suppley in stock as it was back-ordered and apple was reconfiguring it (aka look for a recall in the near future).

Bunny happened to make a phone call about a fridge for his apartment and the girl happened to have a power book that died on her but the power supply worked …we were saved.

2. Gearing up for our first rehearsal… the jack in the carpets guitar seemed to have gone bad…no sound. we went down to the local music shop ,, to have their tech take a look at it. He was out until monday which was too late for us. Jimmy , the owner and good friend to the carpets, said he would keep the guitar and have it fixed on Monday and for the show , I could borrow any guitar in the store! Karma is gonna be good to Jimmy , I feel it.

3. I had programmed the trusty boss se-50 the nite before the show with about 4 custom patches to help me achieve the appropriate sounds for the songs. We were set up to perform and I power up the boss only to realize the internal battery was dead and anything custom was erased leaving only the presets. I quickly modified a couple of them before we had to start. I took this as a sign that i shouldn’t be too prepared and just reach out with my feelings and us the force….as we had always done before.