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Coming of the new year….

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Hoping the upcoming year brings good things…..still fighting the good fight and thanks to all for anything and everything.

Vintage Band T-shirts for sale …soon

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I’m cleaning out the storage bin and will be posting some vintage band t-shirts on ebay soon. Some may be bands I have been in the past but will also include bands I have always been fans of such as but not limited too:

  The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, The Cure, Skinny Puppy , Big Black and well…..the list goes on ….so stayed tuned and check here as well as :

 for further updates.

 The shirts are not reprints but original run prints aka true vintage baby and most of them broken in….

 thugs and kisses


Skid row does Kiss

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Sebastian Bach’s voice at its finest. Fucking best cover of “C’mon and Love Me” that I have heard to date.

Flaming Lips bang a gong

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wayne of the flaming lips bangs a gong

wayne of the flaming lips bangs a gong

The flaming lips are a band not to be missed. They always put on a great show and wayne coyne plays the ringleader part better then anyone.

Insomnia anyone?

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after 3 days of no sleep, I finally took some Valerian root and some sleepmd. The combination definitely helped as I finally slept about 12 hours and feel somewhat normal again.

what do you do to cure insomnia?

Janes Addiction and NIN tour

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ahh brings back memories of the very first lollapalooza tour.:P