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The economy is strong …what is everyone worried about…

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as stated by President Bush many times over the past several months  and restated by Mr. John McCain.  There is no avoiding the facts that our economy is in the toilet.  I have to ask ,  how can anyone still want to vote for McCain after all this.  McCain supporters feel free to state your case by commenting on this post….

McCain gets eaten alive by ladies on the view

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Stop the war;Diddy can’t afford to fly anymore!

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and you thought McCain was out of touch with reality…

Movie Rental of the Week

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The Protagonist  

A documentary that stands out from the pack.


Ace Frehley is back

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Ace Frehley In Make Up On Dunkin Doughnuts Commerical (2007)

the power of the lord bitches

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Back in the New York groove

Posted in Uncategorized on December 20, 2006 by siksydney

I have been to new york city before but only to do a show(CBGB’s) and leave directly afterwards.  This time I was able to visit for a couple of days and explore the city briefly……I can’t wait to return.