First Visit to Planet 13

“I was expecting these guys to suck..” – sydney

I had been living in Charlotte, NC for several years ever since Apparatus set up our home base there. It was a constant battle in Charlotte as cover bands and mediocrity ruled the scene..but I always saw it as a challenge.

One evening I was scanning the local rag for an interesting band to see in celebration of my friend’s birthday. I saw the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 were performing at a dive bar that evening and figured with a name like that it was worth $5 to see what it was all about …have a few laughs and move on to our next destination.

Upon entry to the club, I was impressed with the stage set up as it was obvious the band had taken alot of time and effort to create an atmosphere. I was expecting these guys to really suck though as I hadn’t been impressed with a local band in a long time and usually this amount of showmanship is to cover up for lack of ability to write a decent song. The queens proved me wrong. I was only planning on staying for three songs but ended up watching the whole show and left there a fan. The songs were simple with entertaining titles and lyrics and wednesday’s voice was that of a more raw alice cooper. I was impressed and couldn’t believe these guys weren’t already the talk of the town.

It hadn’t crossed my mind at this point but within a year I would be asked to become a Frankenstein Drag Queen.

(to be continued……)

2 Responses to “First Visit to Planet 13”

  1. bloody_kisses Says:

    That is so cool that you were a fan before you joined. Looking forward to more of your posts about the queens!

  2. Magna_massacre Says:

    yes finaly people who still lissen to the godesses that were FDQFP13

    many bloody hugs and nasty kisses


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